Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foibles and Matrimony

My hubby has a knack for reminding me not do things that will get me in some kind of trouble. Think of my past post on not fumigating myself when spray painting. He also likes to remind me not to leave the iron on, leave candles burning or leave windows open if I am going to be gone all day. Some of the reminders are warranted, but others, he does it just to kid me, right?

So, when I had to borrow his car to attend my soon-to-be daughter-in-law's bachelorette party, his words were "now don't lock my keys in the car or lose it, it's the only one I have." "Thanks for the reminder," I said sarcastically, head tilted and hand on my hip. With a kiss to my caring hubby, I was off to Confectionique before heading over to the party.

I got there in good time, unlocked the shop and began taking things inside. I had all the doors and trunk open as I was maneuvering one last, larger item. Then I closed each door one at a time as I worked my way around the car. First the passenger door, the door behind the passenger side, the trunk, the door behind the driver's side and then the driver's side door, then I heard a "click" as I watched the locks move downward. I ran back to the car....too late ....and it was all locked tightly...with the keys inside.

I tried to explain, through my tears, to my dear hubby the reason I left my keys inside the car. "I was afraid I would lose them, so I thought they would be safest in the car." My husband loves me so much. He called AAA, as my wallet was in the car and made arrangements for a locksmith. He called my soon-to-be daughter in law to explain the situation since my cell phone was in the car and I couldn't call long distance. He told me he still loved me in spite of myself.

My son will be married today, September 18th. I hope he and his new wife will always love each other no matter their mishaps and in spite of each other foibles. I made this lovely cake topper from a vintage one I found some time ago. Don't you wonder who it once belonged to? Did their marriage survive the daily ups and downs of life lived together?

Well, it will embellish the lovely cake to recognize the joining the lives and hearts of two wonderful people in love and matrimony. Wishing Benjamin and Ashley years of love and laughter and foibles. It's what makes marriage.....a marriage.

au revoir,

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