Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dynamic Duo Strikes!

We know that Mary and Mae are huge fans of Confectionique, but we couldn't believe it when they called to say that they found free steamer trunks, yes plural, and immediately thought of us.

Turns out someone was setting them by the curb as rubbish. So the Dynamic Duo threw them in the back of Mary's truck and drove them over. They giggled as they showed us their great finds. "We know you will find something fun to do with them," Mary said.

Jessica and I smiled at each other as we brought in all 6 of them inside the shop. We already had an idea.

Mary and Mae are such fun gals; supporting our venture, giving us helpful advise and lots of kudos. Come see how Mary and Mae's lucky finds worked out at our All Hallows Eve Market on October 23rd.

Au revior and Ciao
Anastasia and Jessica

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