Monday, September 27, 2010

Coffee Heaven

Adam and I were quite happy to come across something called "Coffee Heaven" in Prague's Old Town. We could use a break from the cooler weather and our bodies were certainly screaming for some caffeine. We took our steaming cups of heavenly coffee to the lounge upstairs and enjoyed sitting among the local and other foreigners seeking the same kind of relief. Adam and I chatted about the day.

We shared the lounge from what appeared to be a couple from Japan, another from the Czech Republic and a third, very young couple who were clearly quite infatuated with one another as they stared at each other over their steaming cups of coffee.

As I returned from the bathroom, I noticed that the steaming coffee turned this young couple's mood into steaming passion. She was now on his lap and he was finding all sort of interesting places to locate his hands. I looked around at the other patrons who were also caught off guard. Then I did what everyone else does when something out of the ordinary is occurring, act like this isn't happening. You know, go about sipping coffee and engaging in idle conversation and all the while peering out of the corner of your eye wondering how much farther this will progress. (Oh please, I thought, I hope their clothes stay on- I really need to finish drinking my coffee.)

Besides, at some point the young couple will certainly realize that their passion may want to be taken to another that things could progress in such as way that the passion could reach is logical end, right? Wrong.

Well, now she was reclined on his lap, and with all signs appearing as though they were clearly moving toward coffee heaven, it was time for us to leave. Ah, the passion of youth, but the wisdom of age I thought, as I set my coffee cup on the table and we gathered our belongings to head home.

Na shledanou,

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