Monday, August 30, 2010

Designing my Dreams

Vincent Van Gogh once said "I dream what I paint then paint what I dream." For me, I dream interior design.

When I dream about a particular idea I try to draw or write it down right away. This is the best way for me to keep track of the creative side that comes to me in my deep slumbers.

I dream of all kinds of things from decorating for a Market to the giant cake. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to bring my creative dreams to fruition and thinking 'hey, this looks just like my dream!' I can relate, somewhat, to Van Gogh's experience of dreaming his own creations.

Even though these photos may not look like a dream come true, they do now. They are finished and in a safe place, but you will need to wait until our Pinque Friday Market on November 26th to see them.

What do you dream about? If you dream of something creative, make it a reality.

au revoir,

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