Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Would you let this person try to save your life?

As I was heading north on Friday to spend the weekend with my daughter, she called. My daughter wondered if I left home yet so she could plan for my arrival. I gave her the information and then she said, "Now Mom, don't stop at the Goodwill in Portage. If you do that you will be late getting here." I told her I wouldn't, but I was crossing my fingers as I said that. When I was a kid, crossing your fingers when you were about to lie kinda undid the lie. Did you know that?

So, I stopped at the Goodwill in Portage for a quick peek. I packed up the few finds in my car and was on my way in about 20 minutes. Great timing.

I drove about a block then I slammed on the brakes, hopped out of my car and jumped around like I was on fire. I was out of breath with fear, my heart racing and I felt flush.

You know, I will do whatever I can to save most bugs. If I find one in my house I carefully scoop it up and set it outside. I used to smoosh them, but eventually decided that wasn't necessary. I take everything outside from Japanese beetles to earwigs to spiders. The only bug I still cannot show any compassion toward, however, is a mosquito. I figure they do try to hurt me....so it's self defense.

So, why did I freak out when a G.I.A.N.T daddy long leg crawled out from under my steering wheel while I was driving? Part of my freak-out was being caught off guard and we were in too close of quarters. I can share space with a large spider in my house, but sharing space while trapped in my car is an entirely different situation.

I stopped dancing when a car pulled over to ask if I was okay. Confidently and red faced, I said that I was just fine. I wonder what he really thought. Okay, focus. Deciding that I would stick to my commitment of not killing bugs that aren't trying to kill me, I planned on how I would remove the giant visitor from my car. He was still sitting there, patient. I remembered that once I tried to pick up a daddy long leg by it's long leg and it came off, but it seemed like my only option.

I gulped and quickly but gently took the daddy long leg by one of it's hind legs and quickly but gently set it on the road. I felt relieved and proud until he was run over by a car. Yup, all my best efforts to be a good Samaritan to a spider were literally squished right before my eyes. I felt defeated. After looking again at the squished spider in the road I drove heading north. You know, I'm assuming the daddy long leg was a he, but what if it was really a mommy long leg? Mommy long legs lay eggs....

Come to see us at our Velo market on August 7th and 8th, but please leave any spiders at home.
Au revoir,

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  1. Maybe this was all karma for lying to your daughter?! ;)