Saturday, July 3, 2010

Toad Stool

My sister in law worked for many weeks to get our entire family of 2 kids and 4 couples together for an activity. These days this is more of a challenge given our busy lives. Vacations, planning a wedding, kids summer programs, craft markets and work (of all things), seemed to make it nearly impossible for all of us to get together in the same place, at the same time and with each other.
But we did it!
We spent time catching up on news, playing games and dining on home-cooked meals (my sister in law is awesome with a skillet!). What was so delightful was spending a sunny warm afternoon at the Sculpture Gardens outside Milwaukee. The grounds were lush with carpets of soft, green grass and everywhere you looked were sculptures that appeared planted and growing toward the sky. Most of the sculptures were large and modern and made of man-made materials. Such an interesting juxtaposition from the nature-scape that surrounded it. While I was admiring these tremendous works of art my sweet niece was looking for toads. In memory of this wonderful day spent enjoying art, nature and family I made this toad stool, stool.
You will find this and many other treasures at our Come Fly with Me Market on July 11.
Rivet, rivet (because I can't spell what a toad would say)

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