Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Occupational Hazard

Are you wondering what this is? Well, this is the clump of hair I lost tonight. My head is still a bit sore.
You know, I have been using an electric drill safely for years, but tonight I learned yet another very valuable lesson. If one uses electrical tools, one should tie back ones hair. So, I'm sitting in Confectionique by myself with the lights off. There was still enough sunlight coming in to reach the back of the room, so I could see fine. Everyone was gone and I was waiting for Jessica to arrive. I was putting the finishing touches on my wonderfully refurbished dining room chairs - which required a drill. As I began to drill a lock of my very long, thick hair landed in the drill. Before I knew what was happening....my long locks wound their way into the drill, tightly. Easy enough I thought, I will simply reverse the electric drill and it will unwind. Nope...it wound much tighter. To the point that the drill is now nearly resting against my head. There was no one to call help to. My cell phone was in my pocket and my hands were occupied. One hand was holding the drill and the other holding the side of my head...which was now throbbing. My fear was the drill starting again. Okay, I thought, first I better unplug the drill. So, I scooted myself on my butt over to the extension cord where the drill was plugged in. I laid down on the floor and used my mouth and foot (actually my toes) to unplug it. Then I walked around with no lights on looking for a pair of large scissors. There was no way my hair was coming loose from the drill. The only option? To cut it off. When I found a pair of scissors and went to the mirror, I stared at myself and gazed upon my foolishness. "You're lucky ya know," I said out loud. Then snip....ah..... finally free of the drill .....and, unfortunately, a large clump of hair.
My crafting sister and I both agree that it was a good thing that it wasn't the bangs....then it would have looked like one of those childhood haircuts. We also agreed I was lucky this incident didn't take part of my scalp. You can't tell really....it was the underside of my hair.
Come see the very chairs that caused me to literally pull out my hair! They are divine. PS...to all my readers, please tie back your tender tresses when using power tools. Nothing is worth loosing life, limb or follicle.
au revoir,

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