Friday, July 2, 2010

Come Fly with Me Market

How would you answer this question? Why do Anastasia and Jessica feel compelled to change their Confectionique Market space each month? A) we are nuts, B) It's really fun, C) we have way too much time on our hands.

Well, the answer is B, but if you said could be half correct...or maybe more considering how late we were at the shop last night. Any time after midnight the answer would be both A and B.

We simply enjoy our market space. Since the weather is so lovely, we can leave the back door open and listen to chirping birds, buzzing planes and watch the daylight fade into night. Plus, it's our time to be together in a place we created and love.

We also use this time to talk about our ideas as we move Confectionique down the path of growth and sustainability. But, it's usually about 12:00 that all reason breaks down and EVERY idea we come up with is possible...maybe our best ideas come when being half asleep.

But, as usual, as we pack up and get ready to leave, we smile to ourselves and then at each other as we gaze, with exhausted delight, at our fresh new space. "Oh I think our sweet market will make everyone smile, don't you think?" said my Crafting Sister. I nod in agreement. Then we shut off the lights and close the door.

Come fly with us at Morey Airport on July 11th. You can eat a lovely breakfast and then drop in. We'd love it if Confectionique could turn the corners of your mouth toward the sky.

Au revoir,

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