Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birds of a Feather

I love many things about my niece. She is quite inquisitive. She is honest about her opinions and she is wonderfully adventurous. I spent the day with her and her mom today. We did many fun things to include a craft project. During our time together Kathryn and I talked about several topics, but she seemed quite interested in my 2nd hand shopping adventures. There aren't too many little girls that would think it's cool to know that your beloved auntie likes to dig though 2nd hand not-so-cool treasures to find the diamond in the rough. Several times today she would ask, pointing at my things and smiling, "So, did you dig for that?" She was actually delighted when I told her that I did.

Thanks for being such a terrific niece Kathryn. Don't ever lose your adventurous spirit and your desire to create. Always remember the most important thing I taught you today: When it's homemade it's okay if it isn't perfect because it was made with love.

I did find this very old and once-loved bird planter in a shop far north of here. I decided to dress her up and make her into a pin cushion. Look for her and other homemade treasure made with love at our Velo Market on August 7 and 8 at the Morey Airport. (Hey Kathryn, I thought of you as I decided what to feature on the blog this evening. My pick reminded me that we 'crafting and digging-for treasure-birds' need to stick together.)
Au revior
-Auntie Anastasia

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