Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ode to a very, very large bear

When I was a little girl I had tons of stuffed animals. My favorite was a large donkey that my Dad won for me at a fair. Like most kids, I gave them names, imagined they had personalities and thought they had feelings. I still kinda think that. When I am at garage sales or second hand stores I swear discarded animals are begging me to take them home.

I had one incident when I was shopping. I walked past a very, very large bear. I wondered how anyone could give him away. Then I walked away, but the bear kept staring at me. No, really he wouldn't let me out of his sight. He was so big that he could peer at me over the aisle. I acted like I didn't see him, but I knew what he was trying to say. "Please," he said, "don't leave me here." Oh for god sakes I told myself, this is just silly. Hadn't I outgrown this by now? I wondered back over to him. He leaned over and whispered "if you bring me home, I promise to obey all the rules and will be easier to raise then your kids." Well, that sealed the deal, in my cart went the very, very large bear. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "I am doing something meaningful today", I thought to myself and naturally the bear agreed. That was the day I adopted a very, very large bear. The Humane Society would have given me an award if they would have known.

Well, in preparation for our Big Cirque Market, I have adopted other animals in need of homes. This is a photo of another rescue. I named him Mr. Slithers. I repaired him and made him a house. I hope you stop by to see him. If he smiles and promises he won't leave a mess, he's yours!

PS, the very, very large bear sits at our shop near checkout. You know after several years, I still haven't given him a name. Perhaps you could help me come up with an idea.
Au revoir, Anastasia

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