Monday, June 14, 2010

Living and Crafting in Paris, Wisconsin

Well, after 4 days, traveling up and down the stairs more times than I can remember, organizing, sorting, purging and planning. My new craft space is finished. I mean finished. Every fabric folded, every item sorted and every little thing in it's place. I just love it. Unfortunately, I was too tired to do anything it in! However, I do have something in mind tomorrow night to christen my new space.

Remember, the photo of the closet? Well, now it is my lovely, very feminine, sewing nook. I have everything I need in this little space. I even included a small shelf to display some of my favorite knacks. The blue cabinet was once an old beat up shelf that I painted and added knobs. Now it hold my sewing supplies, The little dear was part of an old lamp that I now use to hold my scissors and much needed glasses. The shelves above hold more craft supplies. I added a curtain to soften the wood frame. I found this wallpaper and couldn't wait to use it. It reminds me of the wallpaper at the l'Hotel de Alma we stayed at many years ago in Paris.
What is so fabulous about my new space is now I have zones. I have my gluing area, my ironing area and a little office. Then I have a large table in the middle of the room for projects. I also have 2 large windows that face the gardens. I watched little squirrels and chipmunks scurry through the garden and birds take baths in the fountain, yes, even in the rain. I could hear the rain dripping through the gutters and drops hitting the stones and the large abundant hosta leaves. I could even smell the peonies. If I closed my eyes, I could pretend I'm in Giverny.

So, although my feet hurt and my back and neck are sore. I am so delighted with my new creative space that I hardly notice, except when I move. A very special thank you to my husband, who said today with a smile, "I think this basement space is going to work out great for me." What a gem.

au revior,

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