Friday, June 11, 2010

A creative kick in the derriere!

Anastasia and I were together at the shop last night finishing the final details of the Cirque Event themed Market coming up on the 19th. We often chat about so many things-we show and tell our new finds, we contemplate new crafting ideas, we talk about really big things going on in our lives and the not so important things too. Last night though, my crafting sister revealed her plan to re-do her crafting space---again. Now, you have to understand that seeing Anastasia's house is like walking through the European version of Country Living. So when she told me that she was re-doing her crafting space to be everything Paris, I knew that she meant business. Versailles, watch out! I knew that as we were working on our space at the market, she was visualizing and planning every square inch of her new space. I should mention that she told me she already planned to wallpaper the closet (yes, the closet) among many other surprises. I'm not sure if it was being at our shop (which always leaves me feeling inspired) or just soaking in the creative energy that I swear beams out of my crafting sisters fingertips but I began thinking more about my own creative space.

For those of you that have followed us from the beginning, I made no secret about how I work, I admitted that I'm a little piggish when I'm really into creating a lot of treasures. I'm like a mini tornado ripping through one drawer, bin or and mason jar finding just the right embellishment. Of course, as I am twisting through everything, I am having a million visions of future creations. So, I am still riding on the waves of inspiration and getting ready to move around our entire family room/crafting space.

Keep in mind, our large finished basement has to serve 2 purposes: family tv/wii time and space for me to craft. I have slowly taken over more and more of the space and everyone has adjusted quite well. We need a new arrangement however because we have some unused space that if I could get my hands on, I could work some of my own magic.

Alright, enough of my gabbing-we would love to hear about your crafting space. Are you blissfully happy in it? Are you wanting to claim or reclaim some space of your very own to create? Do you need to claim some space for yourself before you lose your mind? No judging allowed if before pictures are posted right? We're all part of one big crafting family here right?

Well, here it goes...


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