Thursday, June 24, 2010

A craft space re-do...finally done

I have been a bit quiet over here. The delayed crafting space re-do has finally taken place! After oohing and ahhing over the zone concept that my crafting sister designed for her new re-do, I took over my space at 9pm on Monday night and finished late last night or rather very early at 1:30am this morning. As I impulsively moved around my 2 crafting tables, cubbie and mason jars of embellishments I knew that the momentary disorganization would pay off. At one point, I looked up after moving my large table and realized that I couldn't climb (yes climb) out.

My goal was to maintain my families space for tv watching, wii playing and storage of our home school materials. Keep in mind the room very long and my craft space is the end of the room. When you first enter the room, is considered the family space. (Check out my previous post for a before picture of the whole room.) I also realized that I wanted my kids to be able to join me in a project or be able to have space to create their own project. I also wanted to be able to pull my curtain across the room in order to close off my work space if I wanted-the curtain also serves as a gentle reminder that I need to keep my area contained or I will end up taking over the entire room.

So here's the re-do! Now, I just wish I had numerous hours to craft! Of course, I will be happier than ever to be at our Nuit Blanche Market tonight from 6pm-9pm! I always feel so inspired at our sweet boutique! Stop by for some shopping, libations and mingling!


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