Thursday, June 3, 2010

Always, Yul

Remember the Hudson Brothers? Mark, Brett and Bill. I thought Bill was the cutest of the three, but was he cuter than Yul Brynner? Back then, no one could match up to Yul. He was my biggest crush.

My grandma Nonnie knew I loved the Hudson Brothers, so for my birthday she took me to see them performing, of all things, God Spell or was it Jesus Christ Superstar? Anyway, all I remember is that the cast members were: Mark, Brett and Bill. Yup, just the three of them and lots of costume changes. The funny thing about it was they took the musical in a completely different theatrical direction. A circus theme. Naturally, I drooled over Bill Hudson, only because Yul Brynner wasn't there, and thought the show was amazing. But by today's standards, I'm sure the whole production would be pretty laughable, kinda like angle flights.

I have made many things with the Big Cirque Event Market in mind. This theme has been such fun to work with. Jessica and I hope you will stop by to see what we have come up with.

Au revoir, Anastasia

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