Tuesday, May 4, 2010

happy inside

I love the sensation of seeing Confectionique again after being away from it for several days. It just makes me happy inside. I usually forget all the wonderful things that exist within this happy space. Whenever I return to Confectionique it's like opening a surprise gift all over again.
I always walk in through the back door, as if I am taking a sneak peek. Then I plug in the reindeer and watch her head nod up and down as if to say "happy to see you are back." The owl pillows, bug chairs and other stuffed animals all look at me with a sly smile and I am sure would say, "Bon jour, Anastasia we've been lonely, we are so glad to see you again." Confectionique really feels alive with creativity, whimsical treasures and sheer happiness.

Please stop by on May 8th, if for nothing else, to get your own dose of happiness and to check out these shoes I made.....just for fun.
Au revoir, Anastasia

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