Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crooner Boy

"When I grow up I'm going to be a lounge singer." My son, said this when he was about 7 years old. We tried hard not to laugh because his darling face had a very serious expression. My son was one to sing himself to sleep. It was this time, of wanting to be a lounge singer, that he practiced the same song every night until he went to sleep. You might think it was a lounge classic by Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr, no. It was Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys. I don't know how he got this song in his head. But this is what he did for many a night:

Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann
Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann
Lookin' for Romance
Saw Barbara Ann
So I thought I'd take a chance
on Barbara Ann

Now, this was the only stanza he knew, so that's all he sang. About the 8th time, or so, of the same stanza, this is how it went:

Ba Ba Baaa-yawn- Ann
Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara -yawn-Ann
Lookin-yawn- for ro-yawn- mance

My precious son never grew up to be a lounge singer, but he can still carry a great tune. What does this have to do with Confectionique? Well, I never dreamed I would have a lovely shop with a crafting sister that I adore and be able to create "my own music" so-to-speak every day. We hope you will stop by for our Mother Earth/Father Time market on May 22. It's certain to put a song into your step.

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