Monday, May 24, 2010

Nuit Blanche

My husband and I love to travel to Paris every other year. One of our most memorable years was 2006 when we just happened to be visiting during an annual celebration called Nuit Blanche, otherwise known as "Sleepless Night". Generally, one of the first things we do when we arrive in Paris, besides head straight to the Champ du Mars, is search our new venues and events. Since we have seen many of the sights already, we now enjoy discovering "obscure Paris". Not so obscure; but still unknown to us, is Nuit Blanche.

The City of Light really never sleeps, but it does usually fall into a quiet lull when the sun sets and the Eiffel Tower begins to twinkle. But, on Nuit Blanche, the energy is intense. Around midnight the Place de la Concord is closed to traffic (not easily I'm sure) to allow revelers on their velos time to pedal around the square uninterrupted by speeding cars. Restaurants are open all night as well as the museums. The festivities last until 3:00 am and then the Metro takes all the weary people home. It is quite a celebration.

I had this idea in mind when Jessica and I decided it was time to test out an evening market. We have had many customers comment that they would love an evening to shop that is free of children and the demands of the day. Now, we won't stay open unit 3:00 in the morning and we won't allow bike riding (not for this show anyway, but who knows!). However, we will have some lovely wine, vinyl playing on the stereo and shopping. We hope you can join us for our first ever Nuit Blanche Market on Thursday May 27th. In the future, we will plan to have a Nuit Blanche Market the Thursday following our Saturday Market. More on all that later.


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