Sunday, April 25, 2010

"You have a booger in your right nostril."

I can count on my sweet hubby for so many things: helping me with computer glitches, giving me words of encouragement when I am worried, supporting all my ideas no matter how crazy and letting me know when I have a booger hanging out of my nose.

Adam and I were sitting next to the cash register during the market. We were talking about other marketing ideas to really spread the word about Confectionique. Suddenly, he leans over and whispers, "Get me a pen and piece of paper." Since we were talking about advertising, I assumed he had a great idea he wanted to write down quickly before he forgot. So, I got the notebook that I keep with me to jot down ideas for crafts, wording, drawings, etc. I looked for a blank page for him to write his important thought. "Hurry," he said impatiently. So, did he have an amazing stroke of creative genius? Nope. He kindly and discretely wrote in very nice grammar and punctuation "You have a booger in your right nostril."
Isn't life just unexpectedly fun?
Thank god for good husbands who save their sweethearts from embarrassment. He was so helpful at our first market in more ways than I could ever... pick.

I truly love you honey.

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