Thursday, April 8, 2010

This little piggy went to market

With a general idea and plan in hand for our first Confectionique market agreed upon, I had exactly 40 minutes to drive over to my favorite second hand shop, grab carts and head to the back of the store where the VERY used and VERY old furniture is kept. "Hmm, quite sparse today," I thought to myself . But, before I knew it I was running around scarfing up all sorts of treasures and my favorite furniture guy was writing up a sales slip. He's a gentle-looking young man with hair woman wish they had and kinda seems like he was once a lumberjack. He is even tempered and always supportive "I can see that working" or "that's a good idea", he would say in support. I decided he should be invited to our first show!

And what did I get for our market? A very worn out table with no leaves, a beat up metal desk, 2 funky lamps, 3 very old windows, a broken suit stand, a retro wobbly oval coffee table, and an olive green painted headboard. I took my slips to the check-out and slap down my credit card. I quickly loaded up the ole station wage and  I cried"glee, glee, glee" all the way home.

Stay tuned to see the unveiling of our soon-to-be re-imagined finds.

Au revoir, Anastasia

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