Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pure joy-worth every penny.

It started with a phone call this morning. Turns out Jessica just couldn't sleep all night. We had been only discussing the idea for less than 48 hours, but , is just my crafting sister is just like me, mind racing with all the possibilities.
Jessica: "Is it crazy?"
Anastasia: "No, it isn't crazy, it's perfect."
Jessica: "Oh Stasia, I just think about how wonderful it would be for the 4 of us."

Anastasia: "Whoops, my son is calling, check into more ideas and let's talk again."

I begin to run my errands to include my Friday obsession stop at my favorite thrift store. It's been about 1/2 hour since we last talked. Cell phone's . . . guess who.

Anastasia: "Hey there what's up."

Jessica: "Staaasia, oh my god, I found the perfect place. It's in an old boulangerie renovated into a studio apartment, can you believe it?"

Anastasia: "Jess, the guy who owns that apartment also rents out the "sewing room," where we are staying."

Jessica: "Oh, my gosh, wouldn't that just be perfect, oh, eeeek, I can hardly stand it".

Anastasia: "But, did you get the tickets yet?"

Jessica: "Well no, do you think I should?"

Anastasia: "Yes, I think you should, quick dreaming about it and just do it."

Jessica: "What do you think my hubby would say?"

Anastasia: "He will love the idea. I have to go, I'm checking out."

Now I have to stop at one more place to finish off holiday shopping and the cell phone rings.

Anastasia: "Hello, how is the planning going?"

Jessica: "Is it terrible that I haven't done one damn thing all day, and that my youngest son now has 'you suck' written on his forehead by one of his older brothers and I really am not that worried about it?"

Anastasia: "No, they will survive, but I have to go, I'm driving."

Jessica: "What do you really think I should do."

Anastasia: "Jessica, it will be so wonderful- just book it."

Back at home, my cell phone probably rings 3 more times, and we do all the gooey talk two girlfriends do when there is a perfect idea in the works. And Jessica finally took the leap of faith, karma, good fortune or whatever you want to call it.... and............tada...... booked her tickets for she and David to join us in Paris! Yup, we are all going together, best friends, enjoying the City of Lights and all the dreaminess it has to offer.

Au revoir, Anastasia

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