Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday week to me.

I doesn't matter how old I'm getting, the fact that I will be reaching another age-related milestone in a couple years, or that some young thing asked me if I wanted the Senior Discount, I still love my birthday. I decided many years ago that I wouldn't just give myself a day, but a whole week, and why not? One day just doesn't seem to scratch the celebration surface. Plus, the older one gets the faster time flies. A day is hardly enough time! So, I take a whole week. My goal is to try to do a little something special for myself each day of my birthday week and my hubby and kids are great sports at playing along as well. So, in honor of my birthday week, which commences tomorrow, I delivered 30 homemade birthday candles and set them up on the giant cake at The Confectionique Market today. Lets all sing along:
Happy Birthday Week to Anastasia
Happy Birthday week Anastasia
Happy Birthday week Anastaaaassssia
Happy Birthday week to you (to me)"

I think everyone should treat themselves to a birthday week. It' s the only way to celebrate. Perhaps you will find a special candle that would look lovely on a birthday week cake.

Joie de vivre, Anastasia

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