Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday week - day deux

The expression on the face of this delightful doll is how I felt on day deux of my birthday week. It looks like the doll just consumed something quite yummy, doesn't it? For day 2 of my birthday week I decided to treat myself to Wendy's and have the southwestern salad, fries and diet coke. For some this may not be a big deal, but it was for me. I gave up meat and soda a few years ago, (notice, I said nothing about fries). I decided to treat myself to something I have been craving, I know, perhaps I should have saved this craving for a steak, but the southwestern salad with the chili beans was all I needed. Did I feel guilty for turning briefly against my ethics? No, because one rule I have about my birthday week is to not feel even a teeny bit guilty. Birthday weeks are for celebrating. I celebrated each time I put the fork in my mouth...yum.

Perhaps you will find a little treat at The Confectionique Market to satisfy your craving for something truly charming. There will be cupcakes!

Au revoir, Anastasia

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