Monday, March 15, 2010


I love umbrellas. All shapes, sizes and styles, but I mostly like the ones that remind me of Mary Poppins. You'd think I'd actually have an aversion to them given the Mary Poppins attempt gone wrong when I was 6.

I loved Mary Poppins a lot. I imagined how fun it would be to have her teach me
manners and learn really cool phrases like Supercallifragileisticexpialidocious. I practiced that word many times until I could say it with a great deal of confidence. I adored everything about Mary Poppins. One thing I wanted to do was fly with an umbrella. She made it look so easy.

The playhouse/tool shed in the back yard was the perfect place to attempt my Mary Poppins umbrella flight. Have a ladder to climb to the roof? Check. Have a sturdy umbrella? Check. Have my special Mary Poppins shoes (rain boots will work fine)? Check. No Mom watching to stop my attempt? Double check.

The leap off the roof was fantastic. I decided to jump outward to give myself extra flight time. So, off the edge of the roof I went. For a split second my umbrella caught the wind, I was flying. I was floating. I was Mary Poppins. It was an amazing feeling for the millisecond it lasted. Then my umbrella turned inside out and I hit the large rocks below like a fly hits the grill of a Mack truck. I smashed my chin, again and cracked it open, again (this would be the 2nd, but not the last time I cracked open my chin). I felt my lower jaw hit the rock and I thought my upper teeth jammed up into my nose. Naturally, I ran inside screaming holding my chin and a bloodly trail oozed behind me. A chin really does bleed a lot.

Screams of terror by my Mom, a lecture by my Dad and stitches for me followed. I do remember the stitches, but to this day I most remember the floating sensation of my millisecond flight.

We hope you enjoy the little bit of Mary Poppins we created in our space. Looking at the umbrellas really makes one imagine the impossible.

Bon Voyage - Anastasia (aka, Mary Poppins)

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