Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Pull the damn thing out!"

She ran around the house with flaying arms, knees up to her chest as she ran around the dining room. Ow, ow she bellowed! "Oh, for god sakes it's hanging by a thread, just pull the damn thing out," I said. "No, Mommy, it really hurts". My son tried to console her. "But you will get money if you take it out."

That was my son's take on pulling his own teeth. If there was any chance a tooth was getting even a little loose, he had it out in no time flat. Pain or no pain, the coins and Kwik Trip were all the incentives he needed. So my boy never understood what took his sister so long to pull out a tooth.

It looked disgusting -- her bottom front tooth hanging by a thread of tissue, bloody slobber coming from her mouth and big tears of what she considered very severe pain. Nope, not even the idea of money would get her to pull it out. So, I took matters into my own thumb and forefinger.

Oh, the pains of being a mother. Why are we stuck with suck tasks? As she cried her big tears and her mouth was wide open as she confessed how much it hurt, I grabbed it and pulled it out. The three of us stood there, shocked as we stared at the little bugger that caused many days of what?

Well the production did escalate, but not for long. Funny what a big hug of pure love, a Popsicle and promise of money that night will do.

Making this "tooth safe" brought back memories of a sometimes painful, but magical time in a child's life. The "tooth safe" is a special place to store those precious little deciduous gems.

Happy mothering,

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