Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Enlightened matzah

Last night my husband and I attended our first Seder. It was a small gathering, just 5 of us. My husband, my dear friend and her husband, their great-nephew and me all sitting around a table dressed in blue and set with lovely china. My friend said, "you should see how festive things get when there are a lot more of us." Frankly, I was glad to be able to start small. I had a lot to take in, both with the story and the food. My friend's husband warned me early on "you will need to pace yourself when it comes to eating" (I had no idea).
What I enjoyed most about the Seder is it's tradition. Knowing that each year the Jewish people retell the story of their ancestor's exodus from Egypt each year at Passover. They do so with the aid of food, wine, conversation and sometimes gummy worms (I'm told that this is sometimes how children demonstrate the plague) is quite remarkable. I also appreciated the "timeless" meaning of the Seder. The recognition that all is not just in the world. The act of talking with each other about the current injustices that many people still endure, yet the hope that one day all people will be free from tyranny and suffering. But, it's not all sad, there's also laughter and family stories. So, tonight was a night of dear friends, inspiring discussion, food, wine and tradition. It was a night of illumination for me and the matzah balls were yummy!
I made this lamp out of vintage fabric. It has a wonderful glow of en"LIGHT"enment. It will be shining bright at the craft show on April 24th.

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