Sunday, March 7, 2010

Confectionique Pinque and a sneak peek

Today was a very serious work day at Confectionique. (Ok, we still had way too much fun) We are covered in splatters of Confectionique Pinque and numerous other colors. Remember those doors I lugged across town? Well, here's a bit of a peek of the project we're working on...I honestly can't type another word because my hands are exhausted from painting-try not to laugh-when you see what we've painted, you will completely understand.

a bientot
Anastasia and Adam


  1. Jessica and Anastatia,

    I got your beautiful invitation in the mail today. It looks so lovely and exciting, and I am sooooo disappointed to not be able to make it. I am hosting bunko at my house that night (for, coincidently, many of my middleton hills friends). I am very, extremely sorry to miss your preview night, and I look forward to hearing how wonderful it was!!!


    your biggest fan

  2. Have a great Bunco night Teresa! Thanks for all your support. I'll call you so we can get our chicks together again!