Monday, March 1, 2010

Christmas Criminal

"I shouldn't have looked," I said shaking my head. "I've just committed one of the worst Christmas crimes AND I've ruined Christmas for myself!" My head was swimming with all kinds of thoughts of regret as I was re-wrapping my Christmas gift.

I asked for this awesome broom skirt. It was the very "in" Bohemian-like, ankle length, lots of random fabric style and it was from Mervyns. I told my Aunt it was all I wanted for Christmas. All the other girls in middle school had one. I wanted one too, very badly. How am I supposed to fit into middle school without one?" After all, I had to look like all the other girls. It was brutal if you didn't. So, I peeked.

I picked up the package many times over the course of several days as it sat under the tree. I did shake it, aggressively, but I couldn't tell, so I decided to ruin the surprise. I slowly and carefully peeled back the clear tape, being very careful not to tear the paper. I was a pro for someone who had never broken into her own wrapped gift before. Finally, after much patience, the paper was off. The box was embossed with "Mervyns". Now, why couldn't that have been enough of a clue? I moved the tissue paper to reveal the familiar colors of the Bohemian broom skirt with an excessive amount of fabric. I was elated. "Oh it's so beautiful, I just love it, thank you, thank you so much Auntie!" The fog of excitement lifted and I sat there, sad.

So, I re-wrapped it and put it back under the tree wondering how I could I reenact this level of glee after committing this Christmas crime?

My decision to ruin my own Christmas when I was so young cured me from wanting to ever do it again. There is such a joy in surprises. I like having the experience of being surprised and surprising others.  So, the photo I include today is just a clue. Enjoy pondering what it could be, but no peeking until April 24th!
Happy surprises,

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