Saturday, March 27, 2010


We haven't been back to our Market Space for over a week and it was a joy to see it again. Jessica, my dear crafting sister, arrived with many lovely things to show me; a pillow made from an old afghan, a recovered vintage rocking chair, but she was saving her most favorite find to show me for last. She cleared off part of the table and quickly went outside. She came back in hold a large, heavy, white....... cash register. "Oh yeah", I thought. She excitedly told me all the great benefits of the cash register, "It's going to make things so much easier." I had other things in mind to do in our space, but Jessica aleady had the registed plugged in and the manual out. She was stoked. Here's how it went, as she talked her way through it:

Jessica: "Now lets see."

Jessica: "Okay, I just push this key and"...

Cash register: "Beep!"

Jessica: "Shoot, why isn't this working?"

Jessica: "What does this say?"

Jessica: "Oh, now I see, wait"...

Cash register "Beep!"

Jessica: "Now what?", pushing the button again.

Cash register: "Beep!"

We took a little break, discussed some other business and she helped me get some items organized, but she was quite eager to make some progess.

Cash register: "Beep!"

Jessica "Okay, now what is the problem?"

Jessica: Re-reading the manual, "Oh, I see what I did wrong, I just need to ....

Cash register: "Beep!"

Jessica: "Oh, come on, now what?"

Then, calling me over she says, "Okay, if I only accomplished one thing tonight, I am proud that I accomplished this," and she showed me a printed recipt. Nothing was correct, except the bottom said, Confectionique. She was very pleased with her progress.

Jessica: "Okay, now how do I add the tax?"

Cash register: "Beep!"

Jessica calls my hubby to confer with him about the proper way to enter tax, okay, now she's go it.

Cash register: "Beep!"

My Crafting Sister is simply the most patient person I know, but this was definately testing her ever-present patience.

Finally, after a lot of backtalking by the cash register, it finally spit out the sound she had been waiting all evening to hear....the soft purr of cooperation, "Yes!"she cried.

Jessica: "I think I finally did it, it computed the tax and everything!" Glaring down at the receipt she said "except the date still says we are in 2001."

But it was a great accomplishment. As my husband and I tell one another. Things never come easy when it comes to introducing new technologies into our lives.

Way to go Jessica!


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