Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Turquiose hair

I've almost always been a blonde. I've tried being a brunette and a redhead, but really, I'm meant to be a blonde (watch it, no jokes). Thing is, other colors show up rather easily on blonde hair, like for example, turquoise. Since my fumigation expedition, I've been trying for several days to remove the turquoise spray paint from my hair. How did this happen?It shouldn't have, but I wasn't wearing my fancy hat at the time...see, another reason a lovely hat comes in handy or perhaps in this case a helmet would have been better. Anyway, I had part of the birdcage hanging from a contraption so that it would be easier to fumigate. As I was cleaning up I bend down, forgetting it was hanging above me and then when I quickly moved to a standing position, crack! Note to self: Don't stand up quickly while under the pointiest part of an object. Needless to say I obtained both a little knot on my head and turquoise hair. After screaming in pain, I was able to step back and see that the birdcage turned out quite lovely. It did bring a pained smile to my face.
Perhaps you can stop by our Confectionique Market in April and see the beautiful turquoise color....on the birdcage and not in my hair. Au revoir, Anastasia

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