Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sittin Pretty

We've all had that moment right-that one where you think to yourself: Is this a piece of (fill in the blank with any potty word my children are fascinated with currently) or is it just waiting for someone to breathe life back into it? I had one this afternoon. You see, my crafting sister Anastasia and I, agreed that we would each find a counter stool for us to use at our crafting market. Anastasia, brought hers in a couple of days ago and it's charming. I however, had not only counter stool envy but also that momentary, yet not grounded in reality thrifting moment where I, panicked and wondered-where will I find a stool as cool?!!!! Now, you should know that my crafting sister would never leave me out in the cold without a cool counter stool yet I did have this visual of myself standing stool-less for a long period of time or only being able to wrangle up a fucshia colored bean bag chair and be at least 2 feet from the top of the counter. After that visual set in, I ran over to one of my favorite stomping grounds to find this poor little counter stool crying out for a makeover. It was a "what not to sit on" to be changed into something pretty. So, after a couple coats of pale pink paint here she is, ready to make her mark in the crafting market. So pretty in pink.

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