Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Risky Eggs

Over my lifetime, and mostly when I was a kid, I sneezed the following out of my nose: carrots, potato chips, triskets, hot dogs, chicken noodle soup and worst of all, hard boiled eggs. Now all these foods were chewed first, but they just didn't always make it down my esophagus and into my stomach. My Mom said it was because I was eating too fast, but usually it was because my Dad would do something to make me to laugh and then sneeze and then cause some unsightly food to come out of my nose.

One of the most memorable incidents of this problem was during Easter when I was young. I always loved eating hard boiled eggs, especially ones that were decorated, and I mostly loved the yokes. I had a couple of yokes in my mouth and very little saliva. My dad said something wildly funny that made all us kids laugh and - ta dah - egg yokes came out of my nose! I laughed and really kinda burns, actually.

Anyway, why this memory? Because I was making these wonderful Easter eggs out of ribbon and embellishments. They are certainly much more lovely to look at than the alternative.

-au revoir, Anastasia

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