Monday, February 15, 2010

Owl seeks cat for dining

It was a strange whooshing sound that caught our attention when my hubby and I were sitting outside one warm afternoon. We both looked up in the tree to see a very large owl resting on a limb. "It looks like he's staring at us", I said to my husband, as I peered upward. He disagreed shaking his head, "No, I think he is eyeing our Lola." Lola Olive, our adopted kitty (well, our daughter could no longer care for her due to her new and very large puppy), who loved basking in the warm sun. She was oblivious of the fact that she was being targeted by the hungry owl. Lola continued to purr and roll around on the cement as her leash jangled-certainly this was getting the hunter's attention! Quickly, I grabbed Lola and took her inside. Right away she jumped on the window ledge to meow angrily through the screen, but she would have said far more if the owl would have had his way. Naturally, she never appreciated that we saved her life.

These owl pillows I made today remind me of the magnificent creature "WHO" sat in the tree that warm afternoon looking for an easy meal. These are made from old round pillows that I found at a second hand store. The only thing I saved were the big corduroy buttons to use for the eyes and fabric for the mouth. I think they're sweet. What should I name them?

a bientot!

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