Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey, get out here and feed us!

We have a large flock of birds that hang out all winter long. I can see them outside our kitchen window. My mother in law told me many times, "If you start feeding them you must continue to do so all winter long, they will depend on you to get them through the winter." My hubby and I have taken this advise very seriously. After all, these creatures are really counting on us. Several of the birds - must be the leaders of the flock - come to our kitchen window ledge to very loudly inform us that we have fallen down on the job "get out here and feed us we're freezing our tails off!" So one of us, usually my hubby, will trudge through the snow to fill their feeders with a gourmet seed, usually the sale brand from Shopko, but they don't mind and they share it with the squirrels, which is quite generous of them.

I found this little candleholder and gave it a featherlift. It looks so much better now that the cute bluebird has a freshly painted and decorated nest to call home. -happy nesting, Anastasia

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