Monday, February 1, 2010

Searching for the Unexpected

What to do, what to do? I wander around the "unexpected find" several times in Goodwill. The price is certainly right, but it's kinda big and bulky, but it's light weight. It could be really cool. I walk around it again and then begin to walk away only to turn slightly to see another person coming toward, I quickly go back to acting like I'm truly interested and I am very serious about taking it home. I hover over it, knowing if I just think hard enough something will come to me. There's no room in my house for it and my hubby would certainly give me a peculiar look, and say, "now, why exactly did you bring that home?" However, we could use it in our Confectionique Market. Hmmmm, now THAT is real a possibility. I can imagine it now. I could repaint it, add embellishments and some of our crafty confections. I could even add something really unexpected. Ooh, I can hardly stand the possibilities (as I secretly clap my hands and do an inner dance of good fortune). It could be a dud, but it could be a masterpiece! I could be the talk of the town! It could be the icing on the cake! Okay, I'll take a chance on my $9.99, plus tax, diamond in the rough and take it home tonight. - Cheers, Anastasia

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