Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What do, Gub Gub, Lola Olive, Oedipus Rex, Felly Belle, Farmer Pickles and Ohana Falana have in common? You might think these are the names of artisan beers or adult film stars, but you would be wrong. These are my cats. I do get raised eye brows and "oh god" responses when I tell some folks that we have a half dozen indoor cats, but then again, there are some folks who have a half dozen kids, right? The cats are charming and spoiled, but they love me and I love them.

When I was looking through a second hand store, I came across this lovely ceramic feline. I just couldn't put her down even though she was missing her whiskers and had a large crack in her front. I decided to take her home and put her on the mend. I added the beret, scarf, whiskers and covered her "scar". She reminds me of the reason I have 6 cats. I just can't help taking in a cat who needs mending. I have promised myself and my husband that I won't mend more than 6 cats at a time. I mean 7 cats, now that's just too much!

By the way, my feline find has been aptly named Sweet Sucre and is the Confectionique mascot. Just to be clear, she doesn't count as cat number 7. Happy cat napping, Anastasia

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