Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Don't fumigate yourself, please."

Those were the words from my dear husband as he was leaving for the store. What? Why I never....well, he does know me all to well. I do get ever so excited when I have found the perfect spray paint color to fumigate my favorite new find. I can't resist just setting it out in my garage and fumigating the hell out of it! Then, my hubby will ask me "why is there bubblegum colored spray paint on the garage floor?" He is really so very patient with my crafting.
However, I'm really trying to be more patient when it comes to spray painting. Note to self, Before I begin, I should set up the necessary floor protection, change from my work clothes and heals and put on my overalls, and most important, wear my anti-fumigation mask. My husband bought me the reverse osmosis, anti nasal and lung fumigation mask, or something like that, as a gift because he loves me AND he doesn't want to have to explain my mishap to an ER doctor.
It's a scary looking thing, the anti-fumigation mask, and frankly it's not very fashionable. I wonder if it would look better if I wore a hat? Would it look weird if I took off my anit-fumigation mask, but was wearing my hat, then fumigated myself and ended up in the ER? At least I could say I was "fashionably fumigated". My hubby is right, I really should avoid fumigating myself. I shall commense with the mask AND the hat.
Au revoir, Anastasia

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