Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coco and me

"Nobody can live with low horizons. A narrow outlook will choke you. All I had when I left my Auvergne was a summer dress in glossy, wiry, black woolen fabric with cotton warp and, for the winter a suit in Scottish tweed and a sheepskin, but my mind was full of fabulations"
-Chanel: A Woman of Her Own, Axel Madsen

I was reading this passage at the end of a very long and weary day. Fabulations...I'll have to remember that word. I'll say it to myself when I am feeling creatively stuck.

Fabulations, it kinda makes you wanna get your vintage fabric and sit down at your sewing machine doesn't it? Well, the whole passage left me with quite an impression of Coco -- and myself. Although in her young years she had so few material possessions, she had the desire of imagination and the need to create her own"fabulations" without constraint, perhaps this is what made her creative life so extraordinary.

I plan to frame this passage and hang it somewhere in our market space. It's a reminder to me that it's really okay for me to take my ideas above the horizon and into the clouds and to express myself through broad strokes of imaginings not narrow thinking. And if my creative expressions are weird, so be it, these are my "fabulations" after all. Come to think of it, maybe what I did to my old shoes was indeed strange, (more on that later) but full of "fabulations" after all. Here's to you, Coco. Cheers, Anastasia

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