Sunday, February 12, 2023

March 23rd-26th: The "Lapin" Market !

Believe it or not, Spring is on its way!  The days will soon be noticeably longer, it will be warmer out, and the sun will feel just a little bit brighter.  To celebrate the coming of Spring, Confectionique's theme for our March market is  "Le Lapin" -- our annual Spring- and Easter-themed celebration March 23rd-26th!

What's more quintessentially Spring than visions of bunnies (lapins in French), chicks, and lambs?  Our March market theme weaves all of these together into one tapestry of Spring delights -- with a French twist, of course!

Easter is Sunday, April 9th this year -- we'll have tons Paques (Easter) merchandise -- let us help you fill your basket with vintage, Parisian and handmade treasures!  And remember -- Mother's Day is just a few months away, too.

Join us for our "Le Lapin" market celebration!  Here comes Peter -- er, Pierre -- Cottontail!

Our March "Le Lapin" Market Hours:

Thursday,  March 23:               Noon-6pm            
Friday, March 24:                     10am-5pm
Saturday, March 25:                 10am-5pm
Sunday, March 26:                    Noon-4pm

a bientot!